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Specialty Orthoses

Functional Specialty Orthoses

Functional specialty orthoses offer alternative shell materials to our classic polypropylene and provide orthotic options that are not available on other devices. The default specifications for each custom device are listed on our Rx chart. You can easily change the defaults to address specific pathologies by incorporating some of the recommendations for our Pathology Specific Orthoses.


ProAerobic OrthoticThe ProAerobic provides unique control for your athletic patient. It is constructed with a combination of flexible polypropylene and EVA, and is intended to be somewhat flexible and shock absorbing at foot contact and propulsion. Yet, when the whole foot is in contact with the ground, the ProAerobic is very rigid and controlling.

Practitioners have a choice of either medium or firm EVA arch fill. A firm EVA post adds rearfoot stability on heel strike. The Sport topcover and EVA bottom cover provide extra cushioning. This is an excellent functional orthosis to decrease lower extremity force This device is designed to replace the sock liner in an athletic shoe.


The Featherweight is a lightweight orthosis designed to provide gentle support and control. The shell is made of a polypropylene and EVA combination with a nylene topcover to provide excellent cushioning.

This device is ideal for patients who require functional control but need a softer, more forgiving orthosis. The featherweight is popular for elderly patients with fat pad atrophy. A diabetic topcover can be added as an option.

Plastazote Functional

The Plastazote Functional orthosis is the most lightweight yet controlling device available. It is made from plastazote that is durable yet it can be easily modified. Two rigidities are available: medium and firm. When combined with a cushioned nylene topcover, this device is ideal for prescribing a lightweight orthosis.

UCBL (University of California Biomechanics Laboratory Orthosis)

ProLab’s UCBL device provides exceptional foot control. It is made of rigid polypropylene with a very deep heel cup, very high medial and lateral flanges, and a rearfoot post.The UCBL is a good choice for hypermobile flat foot in the pediatric patient. The UCBL is the traditional functional, rigid, and very controlling device intended to prevent subtalar pronation and midtarsal motion.


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