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Product Type: Specialty Orthoses

Product Type: Specialty Orthoses


Designed for the Athlete – Ideal for Every Body The ProAerobic provides unique control for your athletic patient. It is constructed with a combination of flexible polypropylene and EVA, and


The Cobra is a low profile orthosis designed for heeled women’s dress shoes. Made from durable polypropylene with an extended EVA arch fill, the Cobra is functionally-corrected and then sculptured


The Featherweight is a lightweight orthosis designed to provide gentle support and control. The shell is made of a polypropylene and EVA combination with a nylene topcover to provide excellent

Graphite Dress

Graphite Dress orthoses are made with a narrower profile than the standard Graphite Functional device, but still maintains functional corrections. The Graphite Dress provides greater control and surface contact with

Graphite Functional

Graphite Functional orthoses are thinner devices than those made of polypropylene. The thinner profile facilitates fit into lower volume shoes. The standard heel cup and width provide more surface contact


The Holethotic, our most popular dress shoe orthosis, is a polypropylene device designed to control midtarsal joint motion. This is especially important for the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. The Holethotic

Plastazote Functional

The Plastazote Functional orthosis is the most lightweight yet controlling device available. It is made from plastazote that is durable yet it can be easily modified. Two rigidities are available:


ProLab’s UCBL device provides exceptional foot control. It is made of rigid polypropylene with a very deep heel cup, very high medial and lateral flanges, and a rearfoot post. It