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About ProLab

Leading with Excellence

ProLab Orthotics has achieved high-level distinction as a leading orthotic lab by providing:

  • The best orthoses for successful patient outcomes
  • Free clinical consultations with our expert Medical Consultants
  • Exceptional services to support our clients’ needs

We partner with practitioners to provide products and services for successful patient outcomes. ProLab is the only orthotic laboratory that gives practitioners the opportunity to consult with a team of DPM Medical Consultants about their patients’ orthotic needs. Building synergistic relationships with our clients helps build better orthoses and outcomes.


ProLab strives to advance foot and ankle medicine through its support of education and research. We generously fund education with unrestricted educational grants, speaker sponsorship, scientific research, and student scholarships. Hundreds of podiatrists are wearing a pair of ProLab custom orthotics in their shoes thanks to a free educational orthotic program offered by ProLab to all podiatry schools since 2008.


ProLab Orthotics is more than an orthotic lab; it is an integral part of the podiatric community. Known for its scientific approach to orthotic manufacturing, ProLab integrates evidence-based research into every orthotic design. As a result, ProLab makes exceptional custom foot orthoses for optimal patient outcomes.

Established in 1989, ProLab emerged as an innovative orthotic lab under the leadership of Dr. Paul R. Scherer, who was both a podiatrist and educator. The company pioneered new technologies, manufacturing techniques, and clinical consultation services with a team of podiatrists. Over the years ProLab has hosted hundreds of visitors in its state-of-the-art lab, including practitioners from every continent except Antarctica.

Today, ProLab continues to innovate, educate, and raise the bar of excellence in podiatry, while consistently delivering the highest quality products.

Advancing Orthotic Therapy

ProLab has made significant contributions to orthotic therapy. Since 1989, we:
  • Integrated CAD/CAM technology into custom orthotic production to enhance quality and consistency
  • Developed a sophisticated cast correction system to enhance accuracy
  • Introduced Pathology Specific Orthoses™ to the industry to treat pathologies instead of merely treating symptoms
  • Instituted a team of Medical Consultants to work with practitioners daily to determine best orthotic therapy for specific patients
  • Designed the first truly functionally-corrected prefabricated orthoses from polypropylene as a first line treatment or as diagnostic tool for orthotic therapy
  • Became a founding member of PFOLA to support podiatric education and establish standards for orthotic laboratories
  • Introduced the use of EVA in orthoses as an effective material for heel posts, arch fill, and topcovers
  • Played a leading role in introducing polypropylene to the orthotic market as an effective shell material
  • Pioneered the manufacture of vacuum-formed polypropylene devices, a process that enables the most corrections and intrinsic shell accommodations
ProLab continues to add innovation to custom and prefabricated orthotic manufacturing. We are always looking for new ways to improve orthotic therapy.

Become a Client

ProLab is known for its exceptional custom orthoses, evidence-based approach to orthotic therapy, and DPM Medical Consultants. If you want the best outcomes for your patients, partner with ProLab.

2022 Shoe List

Get this free list of shoes that work well with custom orthoses. Use as an office reference or share with patients. These shoes have been evaluated by our DPM Medical Consultants.