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Experts in Orthotic Therapy

Larry Huppin, DPM
Larry Huppin DPM

Partner with ProLab - The Experts in Orthotic Therapy

If you want the best outcomes for your patients, partner with ProLab Orthotics!

  • Evidence-based orthotic design
  • Custom orthoses made to your exact specifications
  • Pathology Specific Orthoses
  • Consultations with DPM Medical Consultants
  • Made in the USA by a team of experts

A Closer Look

ProLab was founded in 1989 by Dr. Paul Scherer, a renowned podiatrist
and educator. Focusing on the medical literature, Dr. Scherer integrated
evidence-based research into the design, materials, and fabrication
of custom orthoses. This evidence-based approach continues today as
we produce the most effective orthoses for optimal outcomes.

Supporting the podiatric community is an integral part of ProLab’s
mission. Our website is an excellent source of free education for
students and clinicians. ProLab Medical Consultants, Dr. Larry Huppin
and Dr. Dianne Mitchell-Pray, created an excellent online series of video
lectures on all aspects of orthotic therapy.

Become a Client

ProLab is known for its exceptional custom orthoses, evidence-based approach to orthotic therapy, and DPM Medical Consultants.

If you want the best outcomes for your patients, partner with ProLab.