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Resource Type: Videos

Resource Type: Videos

Foot Scanner Workshop

How to Integrate Foot Scanning Technology into Your Practice Presented by Larry Huppin, DPM

How Custom Orthotics Should Be Made

Learn How ProLab Makes Extraordinary Orthoses This video is an insider’s look at the exclusive 5-step production process ProLab follows to made 100% custom foot orthoses. Journey through the lab

Plantar Fasciitis Lecture

What Orthotic Prescription is most Effective for Plantar Fasciitis According to the Literature? Presented by Larry Huppin, DPM

Pes Cavus Foot Lecture

What Does the Literature tell us about Treating Pes Cavus with Orthotics? Presented by Dianne Mitchell-Pray, DPM

Hallux Limitus Lecture

How to Write the most Effective Prescription for Functional Hallux Limitus? Presented by Larry Huppin, DPM

Metatarsalgia Lecture

What are the Best Practices when Treating Metatarsalgia with Orthotics? Presented by Larry Huppin, DPM