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Archives: Resources

Chapter 3 – Plantar Fasciitis

Our founding partner, the late Paul R. Scherer, DPM, wrote Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy to help educate the podiatric community with an evidence-based approach to orthotic therapy, highlighting the

Getting Up to Speed on Orthotic Therapy

Dr. Larry Huppin authored this excellent article on how he enhanced his knowledge of orthotic therapy through online courses offered by international leaders in biomechanics and orthotic therapy. He created

How Orthoses Work

How Orthoses Work: What the Evidence Tells Us presented by Larry Huppin, DPM. This is a must see video for any practitioner who prescribes orthotic therapy for patients. Dr. Huppin

At Home Biomechanics Fellowship

At-Home Biomechanics “Fellowship”: A Guide to Podiatric Biomechanics Mastery Using Online Resources. Presented by Dr. Larry Huppin. You can view his short bio here.

The 5 Top Tips for Treating Metatarsalgia

In this short webinar Dr. Larry Huppin, ProLab Medical Director, discusses treatments for metatarsalgia. You can learn more about Dr. Huppin here. This webinar is for medical practitioners. Patients should

Quick Guide to P3 Functional Prefabs

View our convenient chart which shows the specifications and styles of our P3 Functional Adult Prefabs and Kiddythotics for children. Designed by podiatrists using evidence-based research, P3 prefabs are functionally

Selecting the Best AFO

Prescribing and Choosing AFOs for Adult Acquired Flatfoot A weightbearing examination is essential to determine whether a Richie Brace ® or a Stabilizer Gauntlet AFO will effectively treat adult acquired

Casting for Orthoses

Quality Orthoses Begin with Quality Casts Negative cast quality is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of orthoses in your clinical outcomes. Functional and accommodative orthoses require different casting