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P3 Kiddythotics

P3 Kiddythotics

P3 Kiddythotics

Kiddythotics for Growing Kids

Kiddythotics® are functional prefabs designed to treat hypermobile pediatric flatfoot and calcaneal apophysitis. The ProLab team of podiatrists and engineers developed Kiddythotics using evidence-based research. They effectively incorporated all the recommended functional corrections to give patients superior outcomes.

The rigid polypropylene shell integrates these advanced functional features:

  • Medial flange
  • Deep heel cup
  • Full rearfoot post
  • 4mm medial heel skive

Kiddythotics are a reasonable economic choice for non-custom, pediatric orthotic therapy. They come in seven color-coded sizes for growing children.

View our Quick Guide of all P3 Functional Prefabs.

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