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Resource Type: Definitions

Resource Type: Definitions

Customized Orthosis

A prefabricated orthosis that has been modified with pads or wedges to meet the needs of a particular patient.

Functional Prefabricated Foot Orthosis

A prefabricated orthosis that is designed to alter foot function and to align the joints of the foot. Includes many features commonly found on custom orthoses including valgus forefoot support,

Prefabricated Foot Orthosis

A mass-produced foot orthosis made in various sizes and fit to a patient based on the size of their foot. A variety of materials and options are available.


Generic term for any device placed inside the shoe to support or cushion the foot.

Orthotic Prescription

A doctor’s order to ProLab Orthotics based on a thorough structural and functional assessment of the patient, as well as an evaluation in stance and in gait. The prescription describes

Flexible Functional Orthosis

A functional foot orthosis is used to partially control abnormal motion or abnormal position of the foot and leg during gait. This device is made from a material that displays