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Product Type: Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Product Type: Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Richie Brace® / Functional AFO

The Richie Brace® provides the benefits of two treatment modalities in one device. The custom-balanced foot orthosis combined with semirigid uprights is the only modality that simultaneously controls the ankle

Stabilizer AFO

The ProLab Stabilizer AFO is unparalleled in form and function. This premium leather and polypropylene custom device provides the ultimate nonsurgical stabilization for the rearfoot and ankle in all three

Matrix and Matrix Max Prefab AFOs

ProLab offers highly-customizable prefabricated ankle-foot orthoses for dropfoot treatment: the Matrix and Matrix Max. Benefits Improves gait with energy-return design Allows a natural transition from heel strike to mid-stance Prevents