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Matrix and Matrix Max Prefab AFOs

Matrix and Matrix Max Prefab AFOs

Matrix and Matrix Max Prefab AFOs

ProLab offers highly-customizable prefabricated ankle-foot orthoses for dropfoot treatment: the Matrix and Matrix Max.


  • Improves gait with energy-return design
  • Allows a natural transition from heel strike to mid-stance
  • Prevents foot slap
  • Provides medial and lateral stability at mid-stance
  • Assists in propelling the lower limb forward at terminal stance and toe off
  • Gives toe clearance during final phase of gait

The Matrix and Matrix Max include these customizable features:

  • Height-adjustable anterior shell
  • Heat-moldable anterior shell
  • Grindable foot plate
  • Integrates with either a custom or prefabricated foot orthosis

What’s the Difference between Matrix and Matrix Max?

The Matrix Max is designed for patients with a higher activity level or patients who weigh more than 200 pounds. Choose the Matrix for your more sedentary patients or for smaller patients. ProLab’s Medical Consultants can help guide you to the best decision for your patient.

What Type of Foot Orthoses?

Both AFOs are designed to be used with foot orthoses that incorporate a full-length topcover. Prescribe one of ProLab’s custom foot orthoses or choose a P3 Functional Prefab with a full-length topcover. If you are a ProLab client, you can discuss specific patient needs with a ProLab Medical Consultant.

Ordering Information

  • Determine which model is most appropriate for your patient
  • Use the table below to determine the size
  • Download a Prefab Order Form
  • Complete form and fax to ProLab
Size Tibia Height Foot Length Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Shoe Size
Small 14-16.5” Up to 25cm Up to 7 Up to 9
Medium 15-17” 24-27cm 7 to 9 9 to 10.5
Large 16-18” 25-29cm 9 to 10 10.5 to 12
(Matrix Max only)
16-19” 26-31cm 10 and Up 11.5 to 14

Matrix Billing Information (Billing accuracy is the responsibility of the practitioner)
Code: L1932 Diagnosis: Dropfoot

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