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Managing both Pressure and Friction to Treat and Prevent Calluses and Ulcers

Managing both Pressure and Friction to Treat and Prevent Calluses and Ulcers

Recently we presented a Webinar on how to use friction management in order to better treat calluses, ulcers, and blisters. Significant research is showing that friction is a strong contributing component to the formation of these problems and that by using a friction reducing material on the orthosis in areas at risk, that both treatment and prevention of calluses and ulcers is improved. We demonstrated how the PTFE Patch can accomplish this.

After the Webinar, I received a question about whether partially offloading in addition to PTFE is better than PTFE alone.

The answered to this is absolutely yes. In fact for calluses and ulcers offloading is as important as it ever was and you should be prescribing orthoses that are designed to offload at-risk areas. Offloading decreases the vertical forces (pressure) that contribute to ulcer formation. The use of PTFE at the site of ulcer or callus then reduces the horizontal (friction) component that contributes to ulcer formation. This combination of offloading and the use of PTFE patch is going to provide the best potential for treating and preventing ulcers and calluses.

You can learn more about the PTFE Patch and friction management here.

ProLab takes a scientific approach with our orthoses by integrating evidence-based medicine into orthotic therapy. Our team of Medical Consultants regularly evaluates the medical literature pertaining to orthotic therapy and biomechanics.ProLab clients are encouraged to contact a Medical Consultant whenever they have questions about an orthotic prescription.

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