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Update        Effect of Wedges on Plantar Fasciitis              Kogler GF, JBone Joint Surg, 1999
Issue 68     Plantar Fasciitis Treatment                                Scherer PR., JAPMA, 1991            
Issue 67     Ulcer Prevention and Treatment                        Ledoux WR et al. J Diabetes Complications, 2013
Update       Is the Foot Flat or Fat?                                          Mickle KJ et al. Obesity, 2006
Update       The Flat-Footed Child                                           Evans AM., JAPMA, 2008
Update       Orthotic Treatment for Growing Pains               Evans AM.,  JAPMA, 2003
Issue 66     Orthotics and Pregnancy                                     Ribeiro AP et al. JAPMA, 2011
Issue 65     Orthotic Influence on Runners                            MacLean C et al. Clin Biomech, 2006
Issue 64     Heel Pain, PTTD and TTS                                    Labib SA et al. Foot & Ankle Int'l, 2002        
Issue 63     Kinematics of Foot Orthoses                              Chevalier TL et al. JAPMA, 2011
Issue 62     Metatarsal Pad Effect                                            Kroenraadt KL et al. JAPMA, 2012
Issue 61    Cycling Efficiency and Foot Orthoses                 Hice et al., JAPMA, 1985
Issue 60    Injury Prevention with Orthoses                           Franklyn-Miller A et al., Am J Sports Med 2011
Issue 59    Orthoses and Running                                          Mundermann A et al., Clin Biomech, 2003
Issue 58    Diabetic Foot Pain and Pressure                         Burns J et al., Diabet Med, 2009
Issue 57    Rearfoot-Controlling Orthoses                             Munuera PV et al., JAPMA, 2006
Issue 56    Rocker Shoes and Pressure Distribution          van Schie et al., Foot Ankle Int, 2000
Issue 55    Effect of Orthotic Use on Gait                                Wrobel JS et al., JAPMA, 2010
Issue 54    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome                            Collins N et al., BMJ, 2008
Issue 53    Pes Planus and Knee/Back Pain                         Kosashvili Y et al., Foot Ankle Int, 2008
Issue 52    Medial Knee OA                                                       Litke RH et al., JAPMA, 2010
Issue 51    Orthotic Arch Height and Plantar Fasciitis          Kogler et al., Clin Biomech, 1996
Issue 50    Orthoses and Exercise                                          Alvarez et al., Foot & Ankle Int'l, 2006    
Issue 49   Casting Techniques                                                McPoil TG et al., Phys Ther, 1989
Issue 48   Postural Sway                                                           Percy ML, Menz HB, JAPMA, 2001         
Issue 47   Wedging Effect and Foot Type                                Huerta et al., JAPMA, 2009
Issue 46   Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome                              Bouche RT et al., JAPMA, 2007
Issue 45   Rearfoot Eversion and Hallux Dorsiflexion          Harradine PD, Bevan LS, JAPMA, 2000
Issue 44   Plantar Fasciitis and Orthoses                               Landorf KB et al., Arch Intern Med, 2006
Issue 43   1st Ray Position and 1st MPJ Motion                    Roukis TS et al., JAPMA, 1996
Issue 42   Pes Planus                                                                 Kulig K et al., Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2005
Update     Pes Cavus                                                                   Burns J et al., JAPMA, 2006
Issue 41   Effect of Insoles on Knee Kinematics                    Franz JR et al. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2008
Update     Effect of Wedges on Plantar Fascia                        Kogler GF et al., JBJS(A), 1999
Issue 40   Orthotic Treatment for Ankle Instability                   Richie, JAPMA, 2007
Issue 39   Lateral Forefoot Wedges                                          Souza et al., JAPMA, 2009
Issue 38   Effect of Prefabricated Orthoses                              Landsman et al., JAPMA, 2009    
Issue 37   Diabetic Plantar Pressure and Pain                       Burns et al., Diabet Med, 2009
Issue 36   Met Pad and Pain Relief                                            Kang et al., BMC Musculoskelet Disord, 2006
Issue 35   Metatarsal Stress Fracture                                        Meardon et al., Foot Ankle Int, 2009
Issue 34   Gait Initiation                                                                 Najafi et al., Gait Posture, 2010
Issue 33   Excessive Body Mass and Foot Structure               Morrison et al., JAPMA, 2007
Issue 32   Valgus Wedging                                                            Kerrigan et al., Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 2002 
Issue 31   Role of Foot in Lower Limb OA                                  Reilly et al., Physiotherapy, 2009
Issue 30   Orthotic Heel Expansion                                             Fuller et al., JAPMA, 1998
Issue 29   Orthotic Effect on Dynamic Balance                         Sesma et al., Foot Ankle Spec, 2009      
Issue 28   Orthotics and Dress Shoes                                       Yung-Hui et al., Appl Ergon, 2005
Issue 27   Biomechanics of Foot Ulcers                                    Boffeli et al., J Foot Ankle Surg, 2002
Issue 26   Can Plantar Contact Area Predict Arch Height?    McPoil et al., J Am Podiatr Med Assoc, 2006 
Issue 25   Childhood Obesity and Plantar Pressure               Mickle et al., Int J Pediatr Obes, 2006
Issue 24   Orthoses for Rheumatoid Arthritis                           Woodburn et al., J. Rheumatol, 2003
Issue 23   Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot                                           Lin et al., J. Pediatri Orthop, 2001
Issue 22   Foot Orthoses and Knee Injuries                             Jenkins et al., JAPMA, 2008
Issue 21   Custom Orthoses for Flat Feet                                 Selby-Silverstein L, et al., NeuroRehabilitation, 2001
Issue 20   Plantar Heel Pain                                                         Rome K, et al., JAPMA, 2004
Issue 19   Rearfoot Posts and COP                                            Paton JS. et al., JAPMA, 2006
Issue 18   Foot Orthotic Intervention-RA                                     Woodburn J. et al., J Rheumatol, 2002
Issue 17   Foot Position and Tarsal Tunnel                               Kinoshita M, et al., J Bone Joint Surg, 2001
Issue 16   Orthoses for Painful Cavus Foot                              Burns J, et al., JAPMA, 2006
Issue 15   Cushioned Insole Effect on Running                      O'Leary K, et al., JAPMA, 2008
Issue 14   The Overweight Child and Flat Feet                         Mickle KJ, et al., Obesity, 2006
Issue 13   Orthotic Effect on Hallux Dorsiflexion                       Scherer PR, et al., JAPMA, 2006
Issue 12   Orthotic Treatment for Knee Pain                             Saxena A, Haddad J., JAPMA, 2003
Issue 11   Diabetic Foot Offloading                                             Mueller MJ et al., Phys Ther, 2006
Issue 10   Effects of Foot Orthotics during Running                Mundermann A, et al., Clin Biomech, 2003
Issue 9     Hallux Limitus Treatment with Orthoses                 Grady J, et al., JAPMA, 2002
Issue 8     Orthotic Treatment for "Growing Pains"                   Evans AM., JAPMA, 2003
Issue 7     Orthoses for Acquired Flatfoot                                   Imhauser CW, et al., FAI, 2002
Issue 6     Orthoses for Pes Cavus                                             Burns J, et al., Clin Biomech, 2005
Issue 5     Orthoses for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome                    Trepman E, et al., FAI, 1999
Issue 4     Orthoses for Juvenile Arthritis                                    Powell M, et al., J Rheumatol, 2005
Issue 3     Metatarsalgia Treatment                                             Hsi WL, et al., J Am Phys Med Rehab, 2005
Issue 2     Plantar Fasciitis Treatment                                        Kogler GF et al., JBJS(A), 1999
Issue 1     Pediatric Flatfoot and Orthoses                                 Evans AM., JAPMA, 2008


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