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Author: Larry Huppin DPM

Author: Larry Huppin DPM

Squeaky Orthotic Remedies

If your patients are complaining about squeaky orthotics, here are a few solutions. The first part of finding a solution to the squeaking is to understand what causes it. Rarely does

How to Accommodate for Prominent Styloids

I recently saw a patient for whom I dispensed a new pair of orthotic devices. This patient had prominent styloid process. When considering an orthosis for a patient with a

Do You Need Covers On Ski Orthotics?

It is common to have full length covers on ski orthotics. Traditionally, a fairly rigid cover will cover the orthosis and extend all the way to the toes. When using

Are P3 Prefabricated Orthotics Adjustable?

I use a lot of prefabricated orthosis in my practice. They are usually my first line treatment for a majority of the mechanical conditions I treat including plantar fasciitis, hallux