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Squeaky Orthotic Remedies

Squeaky Orthotic Remedies

If your patients are complaining about squeaky orthotics, here are a few solutions.

The first part of finding a solution to the squeaking is to understand what causes it. Rarely does the orthosis itself squeak, rather it is friction between the orthosis and shoe that causes the noise. This is usually the front edge of the orthosis against the bottom of the shoe or the side of the orthosis against the side of the shoe. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Put talcum powder in the shoe. The talcum acts as a lubricant between the orthosis and shoe. This will work most of the time and will usually provide months of squeak-free walking.
  2. If it still squeaks, put more talcum in the shoe and pour out the excess. When talcum does not work, it is usually because not enough was used.
  3. Cut a dryer sheet to the size of the shoe insole and put this in the shoe under the orthotic (this works really well)
  4. Spray the bottom of the orthosis with silicone spray. Available at any hardware store.
  5. Narrow the orthosis by a couple mm so the orthosis doesn’t press so hard on the medial wall of the shoe. This will reduce friction.
  6. In the rare case where all the above fails, try a different shoe. If still a problem, we can apply a full length bottom cover.
  7. If still squeaking,  ProLab clients can contact a medical consultant for a personal consultation on this issue.

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