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Stay-at-Home Webinars

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Take advantage of your unexpected time off to learn something new. Drs. Larry Huppin and Dianne Mitchell-Pray created a series of Stay-at-Home Webinars via Zoom to keep you engaged in podiatry while staying at home during COVID-19.

If you missed any of the live webinars, or just want to view one again,click on the links below to watch the recordings. We update the webinar library regularly with new content.

How Orthoses Work: What the Evidence Tells Us

The At-Home Biomechanics "Fellowship": A Guide to Podiatric Biomechanics Mastery Using Online Resources

Simple Solutions to Prevent and Solve Common Orthotic Complaints 

The 5 Top Tips for Treating Metatarsalgia

Pes Cavus Morphology and Recommendations for Orthotic Therapy

More Educational Videos

Visit the ProLab Academy for an extensive collection of podiatric lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. ProLab believes in supporting medical practitioners, residents, and students with free podiatric education.


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