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Orthotic Education

Providing Comprehensive Resources for Orthotic Therapy

We have compiled the most important orthotic therapy information and stored it in one place so it is available 24/7. Bookmark this page for quick and easy access.

"ProLab strives to advance foot and ankle medicine through its support of education and research."

Take advantage of these free ProLab educational resources:

  • 2016 Shoe List - A list of shoes that work well with orthoses
  • Articles – Convenient online access to important orthotic therapy articles
  • Blog - Clinical insights from our medical consultants
  • Casting standards – Learn how to improve outcomes with effective casting techniques
  • Conference and seminar schedule – Listing of upcoming educational opportunities
  • e-Updates – Stay abreast of important research related to orthotic therapy. Receive email synopses of the research that impacts your practice
  • Evidence-based orthotic therapy – Learn how evidence-based research is crucial to practicing effective orthotic therapy
  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions about orthotic therapy – Take a look at some of the most common questions asked by our clients, may find the elusive answer to a perplexing question
  • Lectures - View free orthotic therapy lectures presented by Drs. Scherer and Huppin
  • Medical consultations – Need a lifeline or just another opinion? ProLab clients have unlimited access to our team of expert Medical Consultants
  • Orthotic definitions  – Not sure of an option on our prescription form or how to use it? Click here to find the answer
  • Pathology Specific Orthoses – Comprehensive information on foot pathologies and how orthoses can change the particular pathomechanics of various diagnoses
  • Prescription Writing – Learn how to improve outcomes with effective prescription writing
  • References - Review this comprehensive list of orthotic references
  • Webinars - Designed to help clients optimize their orthotic outcomes 


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