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Product Type: Functional Orthoses

Product Type: Functional Orthoses

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

This orthosis is designed to reduce excessive pronatory forces that contribute to sinus tarsi syndrome. The Sinus Tarsi Syndrome device has a milled polypropylene shell and includes the following prescription:

Plastazote Functional

The Plastazote Functional orthosis is the most lightweight yet controlling device available. It is made from plastazote that is durable yet it can be easily modified. Two rigidities are available:


ProLab’s UCBL device provides exceptional foot control. It is made of rigid polypropylene with a very deep heel cup, very high medial and lateral flanges, and a rearfoot post. It

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The orthosis designed to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome decreases heel eversion, prevents medial arch collapse, and encourages mild ankle plantarflexion. This approach results in decreased tibial nerve traction and is

Calcaneal-Cuboid Pain Rx

For patients with chronic pain in the area of the calcaneocuboid joint, our treatment goal, regardless of the underlying etiology, is to minimize motion of the calcaneocuboid joint and transfer pressure