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3D Foot Scanner

3D Foot Scanner

3D Foot Scanner

Imaging Features and Benefits

ProLab accepts digital foot images for manufacturing custom foot orthoses. Our Medical Consultants recommend scanners that meet specific criteria including:

  • 3D subtalar-neutral NWB foot imaging
  • Ability to assess forefoot to rearfoot relationship

Benefits of using the ProLab scanner include:

  • Captures a precise 3D foot image in seconds
  • Provides consistent orthotic quality
  • Eliminates cast handling and shipping
  • Personalized training and technical support

More Information

Watch: How to Integrate Foot Scanning Technology into Your Practice. This video is presented by Larry Huppin, DPM.

Read: Evidence-Based Medicine: Foot Imaging for Custom Functional Foot Orthoses by Larry Huppin, DPM and Paul R. Scherer, DPM.

Training: Clients with scanners are invited to request access to training documentation through Client Services at: 800.477.6522 or

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