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How Custom Orthotics Should Be Made

How Custom Orthotics Should Be Made

How often have you needed to explain the complicated steps necessary to construct a custom functional foot orthotic? How often has a patient brought an inferior orthotic into your office that resulted in your time spent explaining the right and wrong way an orthotic is made?

ProLab believes a properly made orthotic device can improve medical outcomes for patients and to clearly explain the process, we made this video How Custom Orthotics Should Be Made. The video captures the various steps from casting/scanning to creating the final device. It is intended primarily for medical practitioners to show how the ProLab team carefully follows the Rx just as it has been prescribed. Patients will also benefit from the video by gaining an understanding of the amount of medical and technological expertise and skill that goes into creating their custom orthotics.

We feel this is a useful tool for your practice and are offering the video to all medical practitioners. Post it on your website, play it in patient waiting rooms or use it to educate your staff. Watch this video now!

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