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Consider Using a Rocker Soled Shoes Along with Gauntlet AFO in the Presence of Rearfoot Osteoarthritis

Consider Using a Rocker Soled Shoes Along with Gauntlet AFO in the Presence of Rearfoot Osteoarthritis

I saw a patient this morning who suffered a crush trauma to his mid and rearfoot a number of years ago and now has both midfoot and rearfoot osteoarthritis. He has done fairly well using a gauntlet AFO to limit motion. The last time I saw him, I also recommended that he get a rocker-soled shoe. A rocker sole will further act to decrease mid and rearfoot motion, particularly if the rocker is placed near the midfoot.

Since the last visit, he purchased a pair of PW Minor shoes, which had a built in rocker. They fit the gauntlet AFO extremely well and he has found that the rocker has substantially further decreased his symptoms.

Many shoes can now be purchased with rockers. I like the PW Minor much better than the shoes such as MBT and Skechers as it has a stable rocker rather than the unstable rocker found in the so called “toning” shoes. You can see the shoe that he is using here

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