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Author: Dianne Mitchell DPM

Author: Dianne Mitchell DPM

Waterproof Foot Orthotics

I see a bunch of kids in the office for orthotics and many of them see me frequently for new top covers. The most frequent reason, is: the orthotics got

Ankle Pain Orthotic Adjustment

A patient presented to the office with anterior ankle joint pain, impingement/synovitis. Most of her pain occurs when she wears flats and she says she loves her heels because her

Diabetic Orthotic Adjustments

Diabetic with a new pair (about 1-2 months old) of accommodative orthotics. He came in with a large sub 1st met head and hallux base callus wanting options. No accommodations

Over Corrected Cavus Foot Orthotics

Just saw a patient in the office with the complaint of increased ankle sprains since he got his new orthotics. He stopped wearing them since he thought maybe they were

1st MTPJ Pain – Orthotic Evaluation

Patient presented for second opinion of her 1st MTPJ pain. This is an athlete with functional foot orthotics. The main question of the patient was whether or not she was