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Medical Consultants Available Daily for Client Consultations


Our Medical Consultants are nationally recognized experts in the field of biomechanics. ProLab consultants are accessible daily to work with practitioners, ensuring that the best clinical outcomes are achieved when prescribing ProLab orthoses to patients. 

How Can Our Medical Consultants Help You?

Who are the Medical Consultants and Lecturers?

Our Medical Consultants and Lecturers are experienced clinicians who can incorporate all aspects of clinical practice into their recommendations. They are distinguished doctors of foot and ankle medicine with: fellowship training, extensive clinical experience, faculty positions at leading podiatric schools, scientific chairs at conferences, national and international speaking engagements, and published articles in peer-reviewed journals. They are easy to talk to and have a strong desire to help other practitioners provide quality orthotic therapy for their patients.

ProLab clients can call our Medical Consultants for free consultations Monday – Friday, or request a consultation by submitting our online form. Choose the method that’s most convenient for you.


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