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Functional Orthotics for Children


What’s a ProLab Kiddythotics®? They are the only functionally-corrected prefabricated orthoses developed to treat pediatric flatfoot. We used evidence-based research to design Kiddythotics with functional corrections that were previously available only in custom devices. The rigid polypropylene shell integrates these advanced functional corrections:

  • Medial flange
  • Deep heel cup                                                                                                   
  • Full rearfoot post
  • 4mm medial heel skive1

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P3 Kiddythotics — "the best of any of the prefabricated devices"
                                                                                     Ronald Valmassy, DPM
                                                                            Podiatry Today, August 2009

Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment

Follow the evidence-based clinical care pathway for pediatric flatfoot2 and use P3 Functional Kiddythotics for your smallest patients. Kids love the brightly colored orthotics that  are available in seven color-coded sizes. Each size is represented by a different colored orthotic. Download order form.

Fitting children with orthotics can be challenging. To make this process easier we offer our clients a Kiddythotics sizer set. These sets include a single Kiddythotic in each of the seven sizes for easy sizing while assuring the most accurate fit. Contact Client Services for more information or to request one sizing set.

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  1. Kirby KA. The medial heel skive technique. Improving pronation control in foot orthoses. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 82(4):177-188, 1992.
  2. Evans AM. The Flat-Footed Child - To Treat or Not to Treat What is the Clinician to Do? J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 98(5):386-393, 2008.


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