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Sep 11

Written by: Dianne Mitchell
9/11/2012 8:15 AM

So, what is the best way to accommodate a prominent plantar fascia? If your patient has a prominent fascial band on exam it is important to take note of this structure in order to offload it so your patients doesn't irritate it on the device. Side affects of an irritated fascia include: pain and nodule (fibroma) formation.

I note the location of my prominent fascias with iodine or lipstick if I am molding in plaster and with 1/8" felt if I am scanning patients. Once you mark the location you can best order a "plantar fascia groove" from the lab and get it back in the correct location.

Periodically orthotics come into the office without a groove. I still mark the patient's fascia and then have the patient bear weight on the device to make the ink transfer and build a groove. 1/8" thick korex is used to build up the device medial and lateral to the fascia and then a fresh top cover placed on top! Usually this modification is done to get the patient to regain confidence in the orthotics and get pain reduced. Then a new pair of devices are made for the patient with the correct modifications!


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