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Jan 3

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
1/3/2011 2:55 PM

Our new shoe list for 2011 will be available soon. In this new version we have separate sections for women’s and men’s dress shoes.  The shoe list is available in the client section of the website.  Contact us if you have lost your log-in information 
In a previous post I discussed my favorite site for finding fashionable but healthy women’s shoes. Today, we will focus on men’s dress shoes. The shoes I recommend will be stable and have a removable insole so that there will be room for an orthosis. Most of these shoes will accept a fairly full sized orthosis, although for dress shoes I tend to go without topcovers or a thin cover such as vinyl. I’ll do a post on men’s dress orthotics soon.

There are several brands I turn to regularly when recommending men’s dress shoes. Here are some of my favorites:

Ecco: This is a brand that is new to my list. In the past Ecco has simply been too soft and unsupportive. Their newer shoes are much more stable and all of them have removable insoles. A good choice for a lot of patients.

Allen Edmonds: These high end shoes are expensive but in general a very good value in that they can be resoled and refurbished many times. Many people will wear these shoes for 20 years. Not all of their shoes have removable insoles, but most of the shoes in the “orthotic collection” and “comfort collection” do have removable insoles and will easily take a custom orthosis.

Neil M.: Neil M. offers a line of stable dress and casual men’s shoes all of which have removable insoles and work well with orthoses.

Rockport: An old standby, Rockport quality has gone up and down over the years. I haven’t heard much about them lately, so I can’t tell you how the quality is at the moment. They do, however, offer a number of styles that are relatively stable and have removable insoles.


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