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Oct 28

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
10/28/2010 5:10 PM

One of the questions I get quite frequently from clients is which dress orthosis they should prescribe. We offer three:

You can use the links above to learn about each one, but below are my recommendations on when to use each.

The Holethotic has limited use in women’s dress shoes other than flats. Because the Holethotic is flat on the heel, it doesn’t sit well in any shoe with a heel greater than one inch. So, it works well in true flats but the patient must be advised that it won’t work well in heels.

The graphite dress is thinner than the Holethotic and, because it has a round heel, it adapts to heel heights of up to about two inches without rocking on the shank of the shoe. It also fits well in flats. It’s a bit more expensive than the Holethotic, but it gives the patient more freedom in wearing in different types of shoes.

For any heel higher than about two or three inches, I usually recommend the Cobra orthosis. The Cobra has a heel that flexes, so it can adapt to many different heel heights. I’ve used it in shoes up to six inches. While it will work in flats, it isn’t as stable as the Holethotic or the graphite dress because it has less surface area under the foot.

I have many female patients who end up with three pair of orthoses: a full size pair for athletic shoes, graphite dress for flats and low heels,  and a Cobra for higher heels. This is a good combination that will cover a majority of their shoes. Personally, I find the Holethotic too limiting and do not prescribe it.

If you have any questions about dress orthoses, ProLab clients are encouraged to call one of our Medical Consultants


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