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Sep 27

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
9/27/2010 2:44 PM

I have had a lot of questions lately regarding correct coding for gauntlet type AFOs like the ProLab Stabilizer.  

This is a three-code brace.   Use these three codes to bill for gauntlet AFOs:

L-1940 A semi-rigid, molded, plastic orthosis to hold the foot in neutral position (dorsi -plantar flexion), controls foot position, custom molded from a model of the patient, custom fabricated, includes casting and cast preparation.

L-2330 A leather, or similar material, lacer molded from a model of the patient, that fits around the calf area, includes casting and cast preparation.

L-2820 Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft Interface for molded plastic, below knee section.

Until last year, this brace was often coded with four codes - and some labs recommended five.  This is a legitimate three code brace. We don’t recommend using more than that.


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