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Sep 2

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
9/2/2010 1:53 PM

I found a great blog focused on helping women find exceptionally fashionable shoes that are still good for the feet. The blog happens to be written by a friend of mine and a ProLab client.   She is a podiatrist in Portland, Oregon and loves shoes.   Her blog has become my go-to resource when women want to find extremely attractive shoes that still offer some protection for painful feet. 

Here is her introduction to the blog:

This is a place where I can feature shoes that are amazingly adorable, stylish and yet feel quite comfortable. Do all of these shoes work for everyone? No. Can you walk in all of them on vacation without pain? No.        BUT……

They are alternatives for when us ladies need something stylish and doesn’t kill us after 10 steps. These shoes have been chosen to take the edge off for a few hours and are by no means a prescription to heal all that ails you!

If in doubt, see your doctor first and please don’t use this blog as medical advice.

Now go get a cute pair of shoes!

You can learn about these shoes and give your patients a place to learn about fashionable shoes that feel pretty good at LuckyGirlShoes.  


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