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Aug 18

Written by: Cherri Choate, DPM

One of the modfications on the Prolab orthotic form under Special Additions is the ARCH PAD. The ARCH PAD is a poron pad that is shaped to fit on the top of the plate in the area of the medial longitudinal arch.  Listed below are are few instances where this may be helpful in patient care:
     1)  An ARCH PAD may be applied to an orthotic to increase the arch height for an elderly patient who needs a higher arch, but minimal fill for the plate may feel too firm.
     2)  An ARCH PAD may be applied to an older orthotic that has become somewhat compressed, but for a variety of reasons a new pair of orthotics are not possible.  (i.e. financial limitations)
    3)  An ARCH PAD may be added to a device as an adjustment in cases where the original arch fill ordered was not enough.  This may help the practitioner avoid expensive re-orders, as the adjustment to add an arch pad is much more affordable.
    4)  An ARCH PAD may be added to a device where the medial longitudinal arch needs support but the firmness of the plate is irritating to the patient.  This may happen in cases where prominent bones are present and may be used in addition to a sweet spot for more diffuse softness.

The ARCH PAD should not be used as a substitute for intrinsic arch height, but in some cases it is a helpful tool for specific patient needs.


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